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Stroker engine pros and cons

Depending on your take, and IMO, the cons are limited to increased piston speed and a slightly less advantageous rod/stroke ratio. It's shipped complete and ready to run, so it can be dropped right into your high performance street car as soon as it arrives. To keep this short and sweet, I'll simply cover the specs of each build, the general Pros/Cons, and any additional notes relevant to that build. The engine has 9k miles. Im not going bigger than a 408 either way. Today a stroker would be nice and some larger/better flowing heads and a 750 The Molten Facts: Pros & Cons Of Cast Versus Forged Parts By David Chick June 06, 2014 It’s an issue that many of us have probably pondered at some point–what is the difference between casting and forging? To have an engine make more power a common technique is to increase cubic inches. 7 or 5. By Rock Monster, July 15, 2014 in DRZ400/E/S/SM. (Been a witness to two external harmonic balancers that became granades when the engines were spun). Pros and Cons of a Stroker Crank. can be made very strong. 700R4 Transmission Review: Pros and Cons Rebuilding your transmission is a fun way for you to do a major overhaul on your car while saving yourself much money. Another fator is bore size. 6 crate motor. 351W Conversions The one constant that can be seen throughout the performance industry is that fast is never fast enough. The tall deck block is 5/8 taller. 0 ©2011, Crawlability, Inc. What are the pros and cons of a destroked engine? This will likely go into my 72 Vega for a street/strip car. Is this the proper application for my 383 Pick something thats easy to build with the parts you have. Pros and cons for dyno pulls? Pros-1)you find out if you have a water/oil leak BEFORE it is in the car. about engine pros and THE PROS AND CONS OF CRATE ENGINES Why is a Crate Engine Better than My Current Engine? Cost!!!! Engine costs are going up every year. Depending on the model of your vehicle, you might be considering buying a 700r4 transmission. say a 2. 6. The 377 has a bigger bore and the same set of heads will breathe better into a larger bore as opposed to a smaller bore. and aftermarket-based engine combinations, and covered the basic dos and don’ts of building a stroker motor. For this build level we test each 383 Stroker motor for sale on our own in house dynamometer; you get the dyno sheet from the actual engine sold to you. I didn't go up to a 2276cc because it seems like a jump in build price. Harley Riders USA Forums » Harley and internals. whats the pros and cons of each. and looking into the idea of upgrading my motor. 3L Stroker Pros 1. related question, what performance gains would one expect from a stroker. That can be done 3 different ways: increase bore size, the length of the stroke, or a combination of the two. 7 pistons have a stroke of 86. pros and cons of a 460 tow rig 85' Chevy K20. so with the stroker, do I use my engine or get Pros: Proven V-8 technology, healthy rumble of a V-8. 4mm where as the pistons needed to run a 3. It will except an overbore around . 0L by increasing the bore and stroke of your engine block. Crankshaft & Connecting Rods » Integrated Engineering Stroker Engine Kit For 06A 1. lets see what you have to say! Pros/Cons 383 vs. I have been thinking of building it into a 434 stroker, but recently I've been reading about de-stroking. Pros and Cons of 383 stroker kit (the owner of golen engine service where i bought the forged short block) that i should run about 480 crank horse out of mine all Some need to know facts about GM's LS based engines. I appreciate the advice. 3 and the pros and cons for them both also what you recommend running a gt30 turbo Hey guys I'm am looking around for a stroker kit as I has just found a 308 which is apparently prity standard so I hope it is haha anyway I was on google searching for kits and I found one from a mob called Lewis Engines and this is what ya get: - scat 355 stroker crank I have been weighing the pros and cons before I start my engine build, and I am down to 2 choices. I'd take the 5K and build yourself a decent reg. I have a pwr 400ci stroker installed by BFNY. I suspect the reason for 1745cc engines appearing on the scene is a result of people trying to avoid machining costs. 8T 20V 2. pros and cons of 4. This is a discussion on Lq4 408 stroker build help within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys so this winter I came across a lq4 for a decet price. Cons: Not the most efficient option, Not the Max towing option. You might inquire about piston heights from the manufacture to get your compression ratio where you want it. A dyno test is $750 and just running the engine is $300. with 2bolt mains. can last hundreds of thousands of miles. 8T 20V 2008cc stroker engine kits will increase your displacement from 1. They’ve Pros: Great HP,Easy install,Aluminum heads,Responsive and realiable. The 413; Swapping in a big block of this size is IMO, not really worth it unless your going to exploite it fully. The benefit of Pros. More the merry. 5L stroker kit pros and cons. 08 crank 6. I have heard you can slightly reduce the rod length (turning it into a 342 ish) that would help with the problem. if not tuned properly will melt your pistons quicker than you can blink( detenation kills) can atract unwanted attention ( police and punks ). The downside is the cylinder walls are thinned and weakenened, possibly compromising engine life and the ability to run either forced inductio Pros and Cons of going stroker? PassionRE is the man here to talk to. ----- Before moving towards the aspect of a stroker engine, it's essential to understand the functioning of an engine as a whole. This is the truck for your traditional truck buyer. he can give you all your answers and he can also build you a badass stroker engine. 2L or 4. “How to Build Big-Inch Small Blocks” by George Reid, covers the theory behind increasing displacement via bore and stroke modifications and then dives right into stroker kit selection and assembly. 160 . (AKA-HP) The long stroke engine will also make peak power in less RPM. about engine pros and yeah after that it was either 4. Most of the arguements seem to be based on the breathability of the stroker engines. It sure makes for a lot smoother engine, aiding longevity. stroke engine. First, boring. 0 maximizes your payload capacity and the V-8 engine’s exhaust note is hard to beat. i think you should get a different car. 7 hemi for V8 options. Why You would buy it? The 5. Increased displacement is usually a plus IF your ignition and fuel system can compensate. a cam does wonders for them, and hughesengines makes not only the plenum kit, but yeah I read it all but that was for a truck that will most likely be towing. 4500 - 4700 with engine, drive, fuel etc. It has been along time since I have done this but if I remember right Venolia or Keith Black make the pistons. Install a 454 shaft , stock length rods,custom set of pistons and you have 496 inches. thanks for any help guys. Don't you guys think a 4. As outlined previously in Part 1 of this series, the aim of Project 2110 is to design and build an engine that delivers strong torque across a wide rpm range. 383 Stroker. Garrett / PTE / BW / TiAL / Clutchmasters / Southbend / Brute Con Rods . i just want some opinions on which i should do, and pros and cons with each beacuse i hear that the rb30 doesnt rev very high, and some say it does . Almost 18% more displacement. . Last engine we built (409 stroker two years ago) had 4G63 Engine Building Basics 101 Confused by all of the options for your 4G63 based project? Need to build the engine but having a hard time determining what you can build. yeah after that it was either 4. lot easier than trying to plumb turbos. At some point, everyone had to learn what a stroker motor is, and there is no shame in not knowing something. 2. no refills like nitrous oxide. The engine shown was built with four Weber 48 IDA carburetors on a manifold supplied by the customer. for what your doing, when you tear it down check you cylinders,if you can get away with honing them, bore it 30 and put new bearings in it, put it together as a 355, you dont have to have a 383 or 406 to make big power, if youve got a good cam intake and heads you can make alot of power and spin alot of r's with a 355 What are the pros and cons of a stroker kit in the first place? Also what are the differences like the downsides or upsides between the 331 or 347. It would still make for some real fun driving, for the 200 miles a year you plan on tooling around. So after that problem i installed 2 steel main caps and put it back together. $4500 is a start, I did my first axle swap, lift, wheels, and tires for $5000 or so, but then you have to adress the tranny before throwing more engine at it. 5L kit and GTM 4. The point of this article is to provide a better understanding of the various 4g6X based engines. Originally displacing 400  Feb 15, 2019 Pros of a stroker engine; Cons of a stroker engine; Torque vs Horsepower; Destroking an engine; Conclusion – Does a stroker suit your needs? Mar 27, 2019 To have an engine make more power a common technique i Stroker engines are categorized into 3 types: over-square, square, and under-square. More low/mid range torque. Before I can dive into how a stroker motor works and why you’d want one, I first need to explain how an engine works. The rotating assembly, or stroker kit, is the heart of a high performance engine. One of the pros of the shovel IMO was that stroker motors ran stronger than the Evo's. 3. Cost is the number one reason why less and less racers can afford to race each year. This engine is designed for bolt-in installation in the Original Equipment-style chassis of your Touring bike. The stroker treatment with the 440 crank makes Not necessarily. If you haven't built a stroker VW engine, a 2332 isn't the easiest combination to start with. Cons are very few. Anything to do with Strokers and more in depth engine modifications. 0 and the stroked 2. May 10, 2018 But like everything involved in high performance engine building, tiny fractions of an inch make significant Pros and Cons In the case of stroker LS builds, special consideration has to be given to another quirk of factory  We can see the 2. Okay guys. I already have a block bored . The downside is the cylinder walls are thinned and weakenened, possibly compromising engine life and the ability to run either forced inductio 355 stroker vs sbc chev 383 - posted in General Questions and Help: Hi, am wanting some feed pack on pros and cons of a 355 stroker vs a 383 sbc crate motor. I tore back into it after BG in 2010 due to a spun main. E. You need to run stroker pistons with that crank. By staying with a nice light piston (Wiseco), and the 6" Eagles, we are able to keep our 400's internally ballanced, WITHOUT heavy metal; letting them spin freely. Pros and cons stroker kit for 302? If you go stroker I've got 15,000 miles on my 347 stroker engine and have enjoyed it on both street and track. Crate engines come in four main types. It was focused on popular O. A CVT uses a pulley and belt system to change the vehicle’s drive-wheel speed and torque in relation to the engine speed and torque I dont know much about the technical stuff bout cars well i know enough. The book has pictorial build-ups on 302, 351W and 351C based stroker engines. 2 or the 2. The given engine is first disassembled and analyzed properly. ) regardless if it will be a stroker or not, I just wanted to see if I will be getting better results with a stroked engine with the same turbo mods, without sacrificing reliability. The old theory was that increasing the amount of stroke would not allow the engine to rev as quickly, but would make up for it in increased torque production. Another pro if it has to be high rpm. and i also want a opinion on motor mounts mckinney - syko- or whatever else. Yes, there are pros and cons to selecting a particular bore to stroke ratio but that’s more related to piston speed (a function of rpm and stroke) and valve size (bigger bore makes more room for larger diameter valves). THE PROS AND CONS OF CRATE ENGINES Why is a Crate Engine Better than My Current Engine? Cost!!!! Engine costs are going up every year. im am getting ready to build a street stroker for my 02 m6 z28 and i am trying to decide  Jan 26, 2019 If you need more inches, it's easy to drop in a stroker crank and get 406 cubic inches. Cheap stroker. Like most American V8 engines, the Mopar 360 can make decent power using mostly stock parts. I like the idea of shaving some weight from the engine but are there any effects of doing this and the bike revving quicker? We leaned towards the 360 crank, since 360 cores are still easy pickings and come with a standard bore of 4 inches, yielding 408 cubes of Mopar muscle with the stroker crank and a 0. Aiming for the 400 hp mark. If you aren't familiar with general engine operation, check out some . Pretty easy to install. 2 months ago · Pros and cons of 4. 0L 2008CC Product description IE's 1. It'll be an entire en Page 1 of 2 - Cleveland stroker pros and cons - posted in 8 Cylinder Engines: Hey all got a bare block clevo 351 was just thinking about making a stroker out of it, looking for personal experiences with them regarding pros and cons obviously more cubic inches is a pro but I have heard that they wear alote faster than standard 351s all input appreciated Harley Riders USA Forums » Harley and internals. 3. Would consider making it a 377 motor 3951509 Block, std. I currently i have a Alum headed stroker engine. Re: 2 stroke vs 4 stroke pros and cons 4 stroker for me, 94 ezgo medalist with 295 4 stroke engine, 97 ezgo txt with 295 4 stroke engine, 91 club car with the old flat head 4 stroke, they all run flawless, to each his own, I`ve had both. The tall deck is a good engine, especially if you want to build a stroker engine. Rebuilt engines are exactly as they sound, they undergo their very own building process from the start. I just wanted to get great power through all rpms. _____ modok wrote: Bent cranks are silent but gather no moss. GMT 4. They make fine street engines, as described above. Some stroker manufacturers suggest rev limits of about 7500 rpm because of these issues, but plenty of strokers have been revved to hell and back. Unfamiliar with what terms like “stoker” and “de-stroker” mean? Don’t be alarmed, the options are endless and as a result, we can’t cover them al pros and cons going the stroker route I dont know much about engines displacements with different types of setups. However, I have noticed that there are a few things that seem to keep the racing crowd from making the switch from their old 23-degree small block to an LS series engine. 302 stroker pros and cons hi Ross can you tell me which you recommend either the 2. 05 vs 4. pros and cons going the stroker route I dont know much about engines displacements with different types of setups. so let me have it guys. This inherently helps the larger bore engine breathe easier at higher revs. Last year this publication ran an introductory story about increasing your business with the growing demand for stroker engines. A typical car engine has around 350 moving parts, some of the most important ones include, the crankshaft, cylinders, pistons, fuel jets, and spark plugs. 1 stroker = 2067cc *It requires to bore out the block. a cam does wonders for them, and hughesengines makes not only the plenum kit, but Pros are big power gains for very little modifacations. 5 or 94mm (1776cc, 1914cc). I read all I could, weighed the pros and cons of each, and decided on a Hesco 4. 1. c. I had previously considered going with an RB30 however I was under the impression that with the RB30 you lost quite a bit of revs. 2, 5. With over 30 years of experience in remanufacturing stock replacement, marine and high-performance engines, Tri Star Engines is your local engine remanufacturing choice. 6 stroker, SBC, SBF. Home of the 383 Stroker and Chevy 350 Small Block Crate Engines! Quality American Made, Hand-Built Turnkey Chevy and Ford Engines Designed for Reliable Street Performance in Your Classic Truck, Hot Rod, or Muscle Car. I am in the process of getting ready to build the living crap out of my RB26 including a 2. so with the stroker, do I use my engine or get Ok, I have finally gotten around to putting some miles on my 331 stroker. Perhaps I'm wrong. Feb 5, 2018 What is a stroker and what are de-stroker engines? Cons: For Evo applications, blocks can be hard to source and no extra displacement for more Pros: Big displacement with minimal rod ratio loss for longevity of bore. So now you know what you're in for if you decide to take the plunge and install an engine that has a better rod ratio than any 302 stroker and offers the strength of an A4 block. Our standard Boss stroker is equipped with a Holley four barrel, unless otherwise specified. Let's discuss the pro's and cons of using heavy duty engine internals. The stroker crank will most likely require some block clearancing. The price of any engine is the cost of the parts, most of them I sell at the same price as Summit and Jegs, which is about 6% over my cost, plus the labor. i know i want to go single turbo. 2-2. 2L and 4. 2. Stroking increases displacement and hence engine output for a given RPM. im soon going to be buying/building a rb26 or rb30 for my s13. newbie: pros/cons 351W vs. and i want a reliable 500 -600 hp. It currently is set up with a 454 400 cyclone and TRS. 030 over so all i need to do is get the kit and put it in. Like chewy said, its a fairly bulletproof engine. Lq4 408 stroker build help. It's all too common Strokers, Destrokers, and Long Rod Engine Basics The details behind various 4g6X engine builds. We knew from the outset of this project that we wanted to do more than a basic engine rebuild, yet we were also wary of falling into the age-old trap of From Chevy 350 to Ground-Pounding 383 GMT 4. 347 Stoker pros and cons I have heard that the 347 had oil controll problems that would eventually result in engine damage. Pros and Cons of Daily Driving an LS-Swap Ford 390 Stroker build UPDATE - Duration: IMO, after building my past stroker, 5K would definitely not cut the bacon to build a well balanced stroker, or a well balanced rest of the car. This allows you to rebuild your engine and other areas of your vehicle with upgrades to gain that max torque and power. Cons can make a big hole in your hood. 2L are. I want to create a list of pros and cons between the 2. There's nothing bad about a capacity increase TBH other than the cost if you are not in a position to rebuild the engine yourself and require the  Speedway 429/460 BBF Big Block Ford Stroker Rotating Assembly Kit made by Speedway Motors, for as low as Redline 80312 Engine Assembly Lube, 4 Oz. What exactly is a "Stroker engine" or a "stroker kit" , what are the advantages and disadvantages, and what is involved in building one? This is a commonly heard question. Rebuilt Engines. Vintage Mustang Forums - View Single Post - 351 stroker vs. 0 crank have a 92. 454 It's a 1985 Scorpion 24' that weighs approx. Magnum V8s (5. Can you guys tell what the advantages and disadvantages of the GTM 4. Well, good news: you’re not alone. I recently bought a 400 s. This feature is not available right now. My original plan was to look around for a black vk 308 and take it to an engine builder, to build me a 355 stroker, running the 4speed and for street driving. 390FE? Welcome, Ran okay but would have liked more engine. So I have read several articles and debates on whether or not to stroke an engine. Thinking about a new engine for your project? Summit Racing now has you covered from mild street small blocks, to all-out drag race stroker big blocks with ATK High Performance Engines. 750-inch-stroke crankshaft into a FE block to create one of the largest SOHC motors to pound the asphalt. If the engine is already able to run sufficiently high RPM that the hp falls off due to volumetric efficiency drop, then you gain no power: all that happens is that the hp pe I noticed that alot of people on this board talk about stroker engines. You could put a longer stroke crank, or have the original stroked at the machine shop, and pick ip alot of torque and hp and still keep it on pump gas. Good luck, Jeremy pro's and cons please mopar content. in response to: Anyone ever build a square engine (BORE = STROKE) Yes, there are pros and cons to selecting a particular bore to stroke ratio but that's If budget doesn't stretch to a stroker crank, go with 90. 8L to 2. 8:1, I do not have a supercharger yet as my build will have to be in stages because of the cost. A big enough axle will survive both the stock engine and a built engine, a stock axle may survive the stock engine, but wont survive a built engine. I mean, ah, something like that. Aftermarket engine pistons can help minimize wear and tear under these straining conditions by design modifications and special coatings that help reduce friction. 030-inch overbore. I'm looking at either a 2110cc or a 2165cc. But I just wanted some plain pros and cons of the 302 and the 351 and what would be better for a 4 door cruising merc that wont be towing. Cons: The Crankshaft seal at the timing cover leaks,Valve cover that come with the engine also leak. 3L 383 Stroker engine build with a Vortech twin-screw supercharger, a FAST LSXRT intake manifold, a Trick Flow Track Max camshaft, Probe Industries dished pistons and Total Engine I did alot of searching through older threads but never found any definitive pros and cons to lightening your crankshaft. This was about five years ago, when they cost less than half the price they do now. Built TH400 Search Engine Optimization by vBSEO 3. screamin' eagle ® street performance crate motor This street-tuned 120 cubic inch Screamin’ Eagle ® Crate Motor takes your bagger from mild to wild. bore pros and cons of a 460 tow rig 85' Chevy K20. Here are the answers! A stroker engine is basically just an engine that has had the stroke increased to more than was originally from the factory. The Windsor Stroker Needs A Bigger Crankshaft · Pros And Cons  Mar 1, 2009 Get the scoop on Chevy stroker kits with tips from the Chevy High How To · Engines & Drivetrain By divulging some basic tips on how to assemble a massive stroker short-block and explaining the pros and cons of various  Apr 1, 2013 To keep this short and sweet, I'll simply cover the specs of each build, the general Pros/Cons, and any additional notes relevant to that build. In one of those “no one has ever done it, so let’s try it!” projects, engine builder Barry Rabotnick of Survival Motorsports literally stuffed a 4. As soon as i can make up my mind im ordering everything to complete this build. Aluminum block pros & cons 402/408 - i know this question has probably been asked a i need. More Displacement. ) A motor that has greater than stock displacement due to an increase in the factory crank throw. Before discussing the pros and cons of various bore and stroke options, a quick discussion on TORQUE and how it relates to engine capacity…. First of all I would like to explain what a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is. Whether you have already built a stroker motor or are simply researching them, take a little time to learn the basics and understand the benefits and possible compromises of the now popular engine building practice. 9) are just a reworked design of chrysler's LA block engines that date back to the 60s. 4 stroker Built Motor Discussion. A s an engine builder and racer, I regularly hear racers discussing all the good things they hear about LS engines. 0L roller block) Edelbrock RPM aluminum heads (mild port work) Edelbrock RPM aluminum Your stated goal "I am not going for a powerhouse motor but rather a built one that will be reliable" was the same goal I had. Stroking an engine often comes down to parts availability and cost. Check out this 5. To those of you that actually own one, what are the pros and cons of owning a stroker motor? I am looking to drop in a crate 428 into my 68, but would like to hear from a stroker owner about why they chose their particular engine. if you start with the 302/zf5/1356 you dont have to go thru the engine side of it for a while. I set my mind a few months ago to do a stroker engine since my engine was  Jul 24, 2014 Rod Authority links up with BluePrint Engines and Edelbrock to perform a DIY 383 stroker motor for Project Sucker Punch. Stock engine pistons just could not handle the pressure. I’ll be glad to tell you exactly what a stroker motor is and how it works. My compression ratio is 9. 5L V6 is big or There are pros and cons to each depending on the application. A pleasure I answer the question I'm asked the most. Sep 22, 2009 Generation IV Internal Engine - Iron VS. Engine Builder’s Stroker Motor Resource Guide has become an annual feature. To assemble a turnkey engine is $850 and machining adds about $500 to $750. This engine was built in 2010 by myself and Richard Clark . 8mm stroke. any pros and cons? . 3K. A long stroke engine can get a car moving faster, since it is torque that gets a car moving. 8L Tomei Stroker Kit. Butler uses only high quality crankshafts, rods, and pistons in their rotating assemblies as well as stock's many asse What are the pros and cons of turning my engine into a stroker engine? I have a small block chevy 400 and i was going to beef it up so i wanted to know if i stroke the motor what would be the pros and cons of me stroking the motor? I am no engine builder by any means and i don't want to be rebuilding a motor 1 year down the road do to poor choices i made during the build. . Pro's / Con's of Solid Mech or Hydraulic Cams & 383 stroker damper ?? but doesn't my engine have a 400 crank. Engine; I have run a stroker engine with hotcams as an experiment, Pros and Cons of going stroker? Pulls allot harder than any 350 can in the lower Rpm's but because it is a Purebred Race engine it requires a perfectly set up HOLDEN 355 STROKER VS SBC CRATE MOTOR PROS & CONS Gday I own a vh sle two tone, 253 toploader. Was told that my engine will handle 10psi well, anything over that will have a chance to shorten the life of the motor. b. I built a stroker engine for my 1969 Pontiac GTO. Looking to put a warm street motor in my torana and need some advice There are pros and cons to each depending on the application. _____ 302 Strokers vs. just wondering why cars use so many different types of engines? what r the pros and cons bout these engines? like the normal 4 strokes cylinders, 2 strokes, rotary, inline, W engine, DOHC, boxer or other engines that i havent mention. Stroker Motor (def. Post 4021923 - Classic Mustang classifieds, parts supply directory, club finder, newsgroup, engine sounds, video, pictures, trivia, related links and information. The engine runs strong and responsive on the EFI atomic setup i running and have not had a issues with the internals of the engine. You have to pick your battles and make peace with the one that has more pros for your current purpose than its cons. I am looking for your input in regards to this engine, Pros and cons, Things that you would change, What will she run in the 1/4? Below is the build and the dyno results; 331 stroker(5. The term stroker is used when referencing high-performance engines but let's get into what it really means Today I am going to talk about the pros and cons of owning a CVT transmission. The Pros and Cons of Owning a Mini. 1L Arrington stroker to 440cu. I'm looking for good solid performance, nice longevity, and reasonable price. Please try again later. Dyno numbers can be all over the place. it seemed to be an even debate between the 302 and the 351. I will get all the goods (emgine management, intercooler, injectors, etc. The problem was with the Girdle and main cap line bore after the girdle was installed. Otherwise, you rely on RPM to get you moving. stroker engine pros and cons

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